Percy Anderson is a young businessman who is beloved, charismatic, and very successful. Yet, he is hiding a much darker side to him that emerges when he discovers his boyfriend of five years, Kendall Malone, has been cheating on him and plans on running off with the other man, Connor Goodwin. 

Percy devises a plan to kill the both of them before they begin their new life together. As they are drawn into his dangerous game of manipulation, cracks in the relationship between Kendall and Connor grow wider. 


Percy Anderson – Wayman Stewart

Kendall Malone – Cheveyo Madu Abayomi

Connor Goodwin – Taylor Neely

Madeline Richards – Melissa Tejeda

Officer Schilling – Iesha Price 

A Word from the Writer


Great villains are such compelling, magnetic, and memorable characters, sometimes more than the “hero” of the story. But, they are usually supporting characters or, at most, co-leads. The hero is traditionally at the center of the narrative or sharing it. As I approached the process of writing An Unforgivable Act, I wanted to take that conventional form of storytelling and turn it inside out. I wanted to make the villain the hero of this story. In doing so, you see the world through Percy’s eyes and it’s a disturbing experience. In this world, in order for the hero to emerge victorious, a great deal of destruction must be left in his wake. 

Percy has been faced with a massive betrayal that would send most people over the edge in some way. He believes he is justified in his actions because of this. But, as the listener, the audience member, how much do you go along with this ride? The scariest thing about Percy is that, like most, shall we say, mentally disturbed people, he lives a life just like you and me. He’s someone that you could know. Maybe he’s a hidden part of you. Maybe you’ve already met someone like him and don’t even know it, just like the people in his life don’t know they’re in his trap until its too late.


I jokingly describe Percy as the gay love child of Amy Dunne from Gone Girl and Othello’s Iago. He is one of those villains who are not at all what they appear to be to others, which gives him such an unpredictability and so many complexities. It’s not just a juicy drama about a love triangle. It’s also very character-driven. Kendall and Connor also emerge as having motivations and emotions that are more layered, more of a shade of grey, than those who are too quick to judge would think. What gives An Unforgivable Act its heart is that it’s more than about cheating, vengeance, and intrigue. It’s also about all the complicated issues that create these situations. It’s about the dilemmas that can make or break any romantic relationship, regardless of the person’s sexual orientation. But, unlike most people’s partnerships, in this situation, not everyone will make it out alive.  

--- Wayman